Culture Change Programmes

We cannot wait for the culture to change before driving the innovation agenda; classically this takes 8 years plus, eventually unpicking the old and then embedding the new behaviours. By first defining the target culture, innovation can then provide a tool to actively shift the culture, by developing and then sustaining a new climate – involving active leadership and top-down management.

Innovation Projects

Standalone projects, drawing upon specific expertise within the Ideas Centre and its extended partners to address a specific area of activity (a result of pro-active management of the Innovation Process).


Interim Innovation Manager

The provision of an external critical eye to review the internal processes that have been established to drive the Innovation process. Critical reviews can be held monthly or quarterly as required, and the role provides a link into the continuing support of the Ideas Centre.

Non-Executive Directors (Innovation)

Where organisations wish to develop, or already have, a formal Innovation Strategy, an Innovation-focused NED can provide Board with an effective, operationally independent, perspective, providing mentoring support throughout the organisation.


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