Keynote Speaking

Inspirational presentations from 30-90 minutes, explaining blockages to creativity and innovation, and how to overcome them – and transform the organisation! Strip out the fluff – this stuff works. Entertaining, interactive, engaging!


Taster Session

As with Keynote, but delivered within a workshop setting that allows a greater level of interaction and practical experience over a 2.5 hour exposure.  Effectively, these are “Open” sessions that invite in people from all types of organisations, from all sectors.



Creativity Workshop

Half-day hands-on experience of creative “challenge-solving” techniques, helping individuals understand the challenges – and the immense rewards – of the associated facilitation.  Participants are introduced to a step by step process which will provide a structured approach to Breakthrough Thinking, delivering an engine to drive the innovation process.


Innovation Workshop

Generating novel and useful ideas that are not then implemented is a waste of time and money; many, many people talk about innovation without understanding it.  This is a half-day getting to grips with seizing control of the Innovation agenda, allowing organisations to dictate when and where they will innovate, rather than merely reacting the innovation of others.



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