Ideas Centre Membership

Providing training for in-house facilitators on a membership basis, a local Ideas Centre provides a forum for regular practice of creativity techniques and facilitation along with a framework for embedding within member organisations. Members will have access to 6 half-day meetings each year, with 2 places per meeting for each member. A martial art dojo for experiential learning with like-minded colleagues from a range of organisations – providing an invaluable source of raw naivety to provoke, challenge, stimulate the creative process.

In-House Facilitator Training

Bespoke training for groups of in-house facilitators in combinations half-day sessions – providing a toolkit of core creative techniques for Problem Exploration and Idea Generation. Training provides would-be facilitators with the essential knowledge and experience accumulated over time, whilst simultaneously addressing core organisational issues – driving innovation as and when the organisation chooses.
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Coaching for Leaderships Teams and Facilitators

We know how to make the Ideas Centre approach work – and we actively support organisations in the embedding process. We can act as the “innovation conscience” for the organisation, holding the Leadership Team to account and convening regular “Critical Reviews”. We provide continuous support for the nominated in-house facilitators, to prepare them for workshops, and then to wring out every last drop of creativity after the event.
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