The Superheroes Technique – Creativity & Problem Solving

Dr Dave Hall, founder & CEO of The Ideas Centre, talks about how to escape from the ‘world of what is’ by using the Superheroes Technique, and generate ideas which are both novel and useful.

Creativity: The Role Of The Problem Owner

Dr David Hall talks about the very important role of the problem owner. Find out how the process goes from problem ownership, to breakthrough thinking, creativity and new ideas; and why being a problem owner is all about accountability, responsibility, authority and determination.

What are creativity and innovation?

Many organisations claim to be both creative and innovative – but few can fully define those terms. Dr Dave Hall explains the true definition behind both, and talks about how they can be used to generate more money.


What is discontinuous improvement?

Dr Dave Hall, CEO & Founder of The Ideas Centre talks about the differences between continuous and discontinuous improvement – and why leadership skills are key to transformation and disruptive change within an organisation.


Anatomy of a Problem Definition

Dr Dave Hall talks about how to define and understand your problem in order to find a solution that works – and that is both novel and useful. Find out the criteria for your problem statement and the tense it should use, and why using the words ‘we’ and ‘and’ is a bad idea. By being rubbish at problem definitions we stop ourselves from truly understanding the issue, and therefore will never be able to solve it!

The Role Of The Creative Facilitator, Part 1: Process

Learn how the role of the creative facilitator changes throughout the creative problem solving process. From defining the problem in the scoping technique to the ideas generation process utilising convergent and divergent thinking, Dr Dave Hall talks through how to take a group of people on an unusual process!


The Role Of The Creative Facilitator, Part 2: Characteristics

Not everyone makes a great creative facilitator, but what are the key characteristics that make someone excel at the role? Find out as Dr Dave Hall talks us through the skills needed to become a creative sherpa that can successfully guide people through the creative process.