Foundation course (1 day) leading into either Facilitation or Executive courses (both 2 days, followed by assessment).


Foundation Module

Maximum cohort size: 20
Duration: 1 day
Assessment: None
This module will explain the blockages that trap individuals (and therefore organisations) within the world of conventional and traditional thinking.

The concepts of creativity and innovation will be explained within an organisational context, exploring:

• Continuous vs Discontinuous Improvement
• The Innovators Dilemma
• The Elements of Innovation
• The Innovation Landscape
• Culture, Climate and Ecosystems

The role of playfulness will be explored, linked to the role of education and training in the destruction of creativity and therefore innovation! Techniques will then be introduced to demonstrate how creative thinking can be released in every individual within an organisation.

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Facilitation Module

Maximum cohort size: 6
Duration: 2 separate days development plus 0.5 day assessment
Assessment: Yes
Following on from the Foundation course, this module is specifically designed for the development of competency in facilitating the in-house application of creative problem solving techniques.

The role of the Facilitator is critically important within the creative process, acquiring a core toolkit of creative techniques, demanding an in depth understanding of:

• The role of the Facilitator
• The Creative Problem Solving Cycle
• Divergent and Convergent thinking
• Problem identification
• Problem identification techniques (techniques to untangle tangled understanding of complex problems)
• Idea Generation
• The Intermediate Impossible

Day 1 will involve tutor-led creative problem-solving; Day 2 will involve trainees leading their own creative problem solving session. Following trainees independently gaining experience in-house, the final Assessment will involve a critical observation of trainee’s skills delivered amongst their peers.

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Executive Module

Maximum cohort size: 12
Duration: 2 separate days development plus 1 day assessment
Assessment: Yes
Following on from the Foundation course, this module is focused on managers who need to seize control of the innovation process, taking responsibility for their role in developing a systematic approach to both creativity and innovation within the organisation, and leading by example in driving the overall process.
Day 1 will focus on strategy (using innovation as a source of sustainable competitive advantage):

• Introduction to ‘Where to Play’ and ‘How to Win’
• Innovation Dilemmas in your organisation
• Setting Columbus Goals
• Realising Value – Components Competencies and Capabilities
• Scanning (internal and external)
• Creative Challenge Solving (techniques and their facilitation)
• Implementation (key drivers of success at this stage)
• Communication (Internal and external)
• The Adoption curve and what we can learn from it
• The Innovation Pathway

Day 2 will shift focus to the culture, ecosystems and climate:

• Assessing Culture
• Idea Centres
• Innovation Hubs
• Sponsors, champions and owners
• The importance of multipliers

The final Assessment will demand that attendees consider the steps required to set and support idea generation and innovation within their organisation.

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