Ideas Centre Membership

Creativity, stimulation, provocation, naivety, driving Innovation


Ideas Centres are progressively being rolled out in towns and cities across the UK – see for list of current locations.


Focusing on organisational transformation, an Ideas Centre provides a forum for regular practice and experiential learning of creativity techniques and facilitation along with a framework for embedding within member organisations.  Members will have access to 6x half-day meetings each year, with 2 places per meeting for each member:


Creativity workshops will introduce and explore a core toolkit of techniques, including:



Highly hands-one, participants will be provided with experience to “go it alone” – understanding the principles that under-pin the techniques sufficiently to then introduce the techniques into their own organisations.



Member organisations will be encouraged to establish in-house Creativity Workshops – meeting on a monthly basis in the first instance, providing a vehicle for the systematic introduction of provocative thinking.  Meetings will last no more than 1 hour, involving 5 or 6 members of staff for each meeting –including Problem Owner and Facilitator.


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