Creativity Techniques Workshop



Following on from the introductory Think Again! Workshop, this highly interactive workshop will provide hands-on experience of techniques such as Boundary Examination, Reversal and Superheroes





The purpose of this workshop is to provide attendees with hands-on experience of the creative problem-solving cycle, with experience in facilitating sub-groups through divergent thinking (suspending judgment) and then applying convergent thinking (bringing judgment back into the process):





Attendees will be provided with sufficient experience to then facilitate creative problem solving within their own organisations.





Following a brief refresher on the blockages to creativity, this workshop will be highly “hands-on”. Participants will be provided with experience to “go it alone” – understanding the principles that under-pin the techniques sufficiently to then introduce the techniques into their own organisations.


Attendees need no previous experience in creative problem-solving techniques, and the content will be relevant to organisations of all types (private, public and third sectors).  No preparation is required before-hand – just attend with an open mind!


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